Why Everything Must Go

On my way to work today, I listened to my favorite podcast. Its called Elevation Church podcast (check it out!) the message I heard was about letting everything go when on a new path of growth, and it hit me hard.  As we get older we realize that the things we used to enjoy and the way we are living isn’t working anymore. That feeling of being trapped in our habits, doubts, and habitual lifestyle becomes overwhelming and you realize somethings have got to change so lets talk about that shift in your life and Why Everything Must Go.

These words might sound familiar to you.  How many times have we seen that SALE sign “everything must go,” on some of our favorite stores? Companies do this because they have new inventory coming in & because they have new inventory coming in they must let go of what is no longer profitable so that what is can take its place, again  —> so that what is profitable can take its place. What if we lived with that same way of thinking? What if we looked within ourselves and let everything go of what was no longer profitable to our spirit and no longer of value to our mind and instead made room to fill ourselves back up with what is.

How powerful would we be if we looked at our sadness & depression and said no you can’t stay here because you are taking up space where my joy could be. What if we shut the door on bitterness & jealousy and opened up the door where happiness lives …what if we told our doubts you got to go because my purpose is in your place! This is the mindset we should have. But since we are human we don’t always have this way of thinking and so God (life, universe..whatever you believe in) has a way of shaking things up so that you are forced w/ circumstances and situations that strip away the person that you thought you knew so you are forced to see the parts of you that need readjustment so that we have no choice but to refocus.

These life events are what causes us to begin to be disconnected from the you that you are used to. Life will not always go as planned: a death of a loved one, the job you didn’t get, rejection or break up, illness or injury all these types of events that happen to us, they break us down and are at the root of a lot of our mindsets.  This causes us to lose our faith, hope, and confidence – we become defeated, our thoughts become tainted. How many times are we just happy to get by day to day. No bueno. These inner “weaknesses” rise to the surface so that you can confront and remove them so you can then have a clean and strong foundation to build the best version of yourself.

To really change, everything no longer serving you must go – your thoughts, habits, even relationships that we don’t want to walk away from. Everything that has no value in our lives must go. When we filter back on our experiences we may be able pinpoint where we may have taken the wrong turn and its never too late to GPS your way back on to the right path. We must make room within ourselves so that we can allow what is profitable to come back into our lives. And friends how amazing is it to know that you have the authority to take back your mind? Its all in our own will we have been given that authority over ourselves. We have the power to walk away from anything that is keeping us from reaching our full potential. We often forget because we are addicted to our habits and so often continue to go with the flow when all you gotta do is say no, that’s enough.

Everything must go – the hardest in my opinion are relationships with people you truly love. I believe that you can love people from a distance. However truth is you will outgrow people and they may outgrow you, but if they are not supporting or walking with you or even holding you accountable to your mishaps then they are not helping your growth mentally and spiritually and you must continue to move. It is when you decide to stay still is when you become complacent.

So my loves I encourage you to take your power back, take back your mind. Be MINDFUL, full of aspirations, hopes and ideas.  I challenge you to be the best version of you, release what is no longer profitable to in your life and make that space within yourself to allow what is to fill you up, hang up that sign..everything must go. XOXO Vanessa Fe




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